That Something

The door opens and the thoughts come flooding in quicker than I can gather buckets to contain them.  My mind tries to organize them as they hit my train of thought but it is overwhelming.  The memories of last night and the schedule for today are acting like bookends to the trail of ideas that […]

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Photo Caption

Big Johnny was all about family. When they scheduled a family reunion cruise he was beyond excited because everyone would be together. He knew this would be the trip of a lifetime. As the days toward sailing were drawing near, he noticed that there was dissension as to what everyone wanted to do – opinions […]

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For Adele 30: Deva Station

Travelin’ on this train Going through the motions of my day Gettin’ to the destination Where hours will waste away as I live lost in thoughts of you Journey should have gotten easier by now But time and distance don’t seem to move for me When it comes to any track that leads me far […]

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Point Of Reference

When we landed in Bilbao, I thought I had reached Ireland. From the morning sky, the valleys of green that welcomed us to Basque Country painted the land with the color of envy – a feeling I would soon feel for the natives who had been privy to this beauty since birth.  As my first […]

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Sun shining Beads of sweat running down my face The glare of the view before me blinding  The shore is making the music of waves As I drown out all other noises There is warmth on my arms and legs Yet the chill of the wind is beckoning me to move A coldness that is […]

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Day 256: Paper Moon

Flames surround me Ashes falling on my face Ashes I can’t wipe off as my arms appear to be immobile These are the fires of a place I only imagined The line starts here Leading to a metal door with no knob he is behind there The couple of folks in front of me say […]

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Day 219: Always

My friend Vicky was recently in The Keys and she was filled with nostalgia as she recalled the many times she had spent there with her Dad. I read her post on Facebook and this was born. Always Memories of you hit me at the most opportune of moments Remembering the what, when and how […]

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