Double Post Friday: A Test of Wits

Read all of the instructions below first. a.         Take a piece of paper and number it from one to ten. b.         Answer the following questions: 1.  Write your full name. 2.  Write your initials. 3.  Add 245+356. 4.  Divide 12 by 3. 5.  Draw a happy face. 6.  Name your favorite city in the United […]

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Monday Teaser: The Answer

Here is the answer to Monday’s Teaser:   3 men went hunting: Grandpa, Dad and Son.  Dad is both a father and a son.  Therefore, two fathers and two sons went hunting, but only three actually went on the outing.  Since the youngest son is in the operating room, there are only two men in the […]

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Monday Teaser

I am having some severe writers block and I wasn’t happy with the quality of some of the earlier posts I had already written, so I’m just leaving you with a teaser on this Monday morning to add some thought-provoking mental Pilates for you.  Remember, some things are clearly seen when approached with logic.  ______________________________________________________ […]

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Stress Relieving Roots: Part Deux

I’ve said before that I find Alcohol Mathematics to be a great stress reliever; I’ve even included it in the tag line of my blog.  Here again is another reason why Dirty Martinis Math keeps me sane. The Pythagorean Theorem tells us that as respects right triangles, side one squared plus side two squared will […]

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Stress Relieving Roots

I found a new stress reliever: solving square roots manually.  I learned about this in eighth grade and recently as I was thinking about that time in my life I remembered this.  I used to solve Quadratic Equations to relieve stress, but now it is only Square Roots for me.   2 = 1.414, 3=1.732, 4 […]

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