Day 254: The Day Of The Smoke

You took those elevators that morning Rushing through the crowds Probably thinking of all you had to do that day Your brow marked by the events of an early morn The argument with your wife Dropping off your kid at school Getting dressed at the gym Picking up breakfast at the corner deli Such routine […]

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Day 248: A Fall From Grace

Once upon a time there was a building. A man fell from the top of it, accidentally, for he was not looking to jump off or create any notoriety for himself. It was not a deliberate leap. It truly was an accidental slip, with no serious casualties, except for a little embarrassment and a bruised […]

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Day 238: Capital Grace

Browsing the book of faces Where the pics are more about status than face Drink, food, commentary, vacation, rant, boredom Documented in simple lines Not limited by the space of tweets In between words soon to be forgotten Is the testament of a mother A mother mourning a friend who has passed Recalling the anniversary […]

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Day 235: The Clear Air Act

I can smell sadness. I can sniff out the aroma of a heavy heart in a crowded room of people, separating the gloom from the gloomier, eventually honing in on the gloomiest. I know when someone is showing me a stiff upper lip and crying later, while solo. Masked melancholy is the easiest emotion for […]

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Day 234: The Gravity of Beauty

I think age and time perpetuate natural beauty. While beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, gravity is not. When gravity says it is time for that permanent, smile-indentation to become a frown line, it will no doubt travel down our face. We cannot help it. We come into this world with an […]

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Day 188: Spontinaiety

You can’t be planned. You simply arrive. You are born of whim and desire. You are a product of unfulfilled wishes and sometimes, where it has been lacking, courage. You appear when the perfect storm of time, opportunity and resources meet. You create the most memorable of moments, those that usually are recounted as ‘Remember […]

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