I find hope and the embrace of a new day in each serving that comes my way Coloring my world with the trails of Brazil, the mountains of Colombia or the rainforests of Hawaii I remain faithful to the crop I taste the depth of your lands and pinpoint that spot where you developed your […]

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And It Never Will

Waking up this morning and the inevitable math rushes to my brain Third anniversary Three years gone It seems much too quick, much too real and by far, much too long Absence cannot be measured in hours, days or years It is a permanent state Forever binding the calendar Forever standing still in time I […]

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You Will Be Found

I know you can’t help yourself You find a song in everything and your feet move to the beat of hidden notes You write because you must You paint because the brush cannot help but move under your guiding hand You sketch because the pencil sees lines your mind has drawn You’ve crossed stages to […]

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Early Evening Musings

Lunch with an old friend while my best friend feels neglected Eating more than ever but making better choices five days a week Haven’t left on my next vacation and already planning another and another Extremely busy at work but feeling more productive than ever Walking more miles daily but enjoying sitting a great deal […]

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The Journey

Travel light and see the world Scavenge through the discarded parts of earth to encounter the places where you find home Pack your love and camera, making memories along the way Leave a bit of your soul in every place you visit Drop a stone along the path to help you find your way back […]

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Peace Breaks Out

Peace is contained The landscape of our world keeps changing with our safe places no longer feeling safe The colors of authority are now masked in hues of orange and red, sending warnings and caution our way A burst of song should not be followed by a blast of terror Methods of transportation should not […]

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Give me less.  I’m in that frame of mind where all I need is my personal space, my loves and the open road.  The stuff I own is just that – stuff.  It takes up space and pays no rent.  My memories and my pictures will forever be invaluable, everything else probably doesn’t have as […]

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