Gone With The Wind

Sitting ’round the small dining table enjoying a delicious, disjointed dinner of pasta and rice and steak A meal made with the sacrifice of three grocery store visits searching for the perfect ingredients Our bodies huddled together discussing survivor stories of winds now long gone A week It has been one week It has been […]

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Living In Paradise

The rooms go dark as the windows are covered in the color of steel Panels of metal line the openings where light should enter It is protection from the big ugly coming or not coming this way Not one person can definitely say it will be here or when or if Still we have to […]

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Another Day Of Sun

Looking out from under it is hard to see up The sky and the ground have turned into one mass of confusion It is hard to find the sun amid this mess of contradictions Helplessness and despair pave the sidewalks that you traverse hurriedly and without reason The roads are beyond crossed They simply lead […]

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Meanwhile, I Sleep

She asks me to start the movie I don’t want to watch it It’s not my cup of tea I start the movie She dozes off I tell her she’s dozing off She yells at me because I scared her by waking her up You would think I took a foghorn to her ear and […]

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The Dichotomy Of Silence

Silence.  It is at times, the best and only response.  Some comments don’t merit any acknowledgement.  Some questions don’t always require an answer.  Just go about life as if the query never came your way.  Ignore the stillness of the room and pivot to something else.  Rub the spotlight away from you.  Don’t let the […]

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The Summer Knows

Trying to catch a breath when my clogged sinuses and burning throat don’t want to cooperate.  My stomach is in knots as it doesn’t like the coffee I’m delivering to it. I should drink tea but the thought of Earl Grey annoys me right now.  My body hurts and I just want to crawl into […]

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No Panic At The Discord

Early flight and lack of sleep hoard my sensesChild is up and readyNever has a teenager had more energyThe city that never sleeps awaits these weary travelersVagabonds of the theater and lovers of all stagesSeparated by nearly four decadesGenetics proves to time and distance that it is the winnerThe sky is calm in an eerie […]

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