No Panic At The Discord

Early flight and lack of sleep hoard my sensesChild is up and readyNever has a teenager had more energyThe city that never sleeps awaits these weary travelersVagabonds of the theater and lovers of all stagesSeparated by nearly four decadesGenetics proves to time and distance that it is the winnerThe sky is calm in an eerie […]

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It Is Life

Taking a page from life and simply writing about the strife Daily challenges that offer balance to the good and bad and otherwise in between I like my stress relaxed enough that I can manage the discord it spreads on the plate But of late my menu option is not to be, but rather a […]

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The Foolish Beat

The artist at work ignores the world Half dark and half light invade the room as he draws the beat from his heart to his head to his ear to his screen and to hopefully…the world Letting go of a creation is the singlemost difficult thing to do Once you put it out there, it […]

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He Is Still Here

Celebrating a birthday with one of the veterans in the family Sister to my Dad, mother of my cousins and Tia to so many of us She’s seen ninety summers in what will always seem like much too brief a life Sitting around a table of people who innately know your wants and needs is […]

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It Stood Alone

It’s a dish usually served cold, remarkably frigid.  Sitting under the cloche, it remains hidden and once revealed it makes its appearance on the colorless plate.  Unadorned, lacking presentation and seasoned in a saucy, bitter coulis emulsified with the seed of  indifference, it calls out from the table.  Coming from an open, accesible kitchen where […]

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When He Shines

He’s not always the most expressive of people Quiet, inward, observant are words that can describe him best He loves a great meal and loves his wine, whether or not it pairs well with the food He knows what he likes and he is unapologetic for it He loves fiercely and with understood demand, without […]

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And Yet It Is Real

I take her away every year Let her run from the reality of today The hotel room sends a message It should get easier It has not Why you had more of an impact than most is clear You are of her generation A group that should still be here, partying and laughing along with […]

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