Peace Breaks Out

Peace is contained The landscape of our world keeps changing with our safe places no longer feeling safe The colors of authority are now masked in hues of orange and red, sending warnings and caution our way A burst of song should not be followed by a blast of terror Methods of transportation should not […]

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Give me less.  I’m in that frame of mind where all I need is my personal space, my loves and the open road.  The stuff I own is just that – stuff.  It takes up space and pays no rent.  My memories and my pictures will forever be invaluable, everything else probably doesn’t have as […]

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Mother Nature

The rain comes quickly Unexpected, unannounced, it blisters the sky and begins to pour in droves Darkness engulfs what were once white, pillowy clouds The TV signal goes away Internet performance is sporadic and choppy The weather has decided to turn on the earth for a few brief moments and I am witnessing all of […]

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I Worry

I’m worried.  He sits there everyday waiting for the bus.  The other kids are huddled together, performing all the shenanigans kids do as they wait for the bus as well.  This kid is alone.  He always looks despondent, disconnected from the others, almost as if carrying the weight of the world is his purpose in […]

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Day Of Birth Prayer

So the calendar said she was a year older and she chuckled It felt like a decade had been amassed in these past few months It wasn’t time that had elapsed quickly, but rather spurts of decision and will that had cluttered her schedule making everything seem too fast Making room for herself had never […]

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Watch Out For The Wall

Peace breaks out and is totally misunderstood There is virtue in quiet and in actions so mundane they embrace boredom.  Life doesn’t have to be complete chaos in order to feel alive I can enjoy living while I nap in the comfort of my sanctuary I don’t need to analyze every instant and every reaction […]

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I Hope She Was Listening

I smell the familiarity that pervades the air Two martinis in and I think she’s mastered my taste palette Her name is Mari and she’s shaken two of the best dirty infusions I’ve had in a while (At least since last Friday) She delivers justĀ the right amountĀ of vodka, olive brine and vermouth to deliver liquid […]

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