Our Collective Best

This quilt has been sewn together with the finest thread and under a variety of circumstances Pieces of history coupled together to define the story of us Challenges met, faced, vanquished and other ongoing disruptions remain as is the way of life Temporary defeats that have left us stronger for the next battle Scars of […]

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Show Me Your Teeth

Enter the light… She was born Years later, If we babysat, she would get homesick and cry I’d say….’show me your teeth’ The tears would stop and the smile would surface (What a smile it was and still is) It could light a space As a baby she could hold a cry like the best […]

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The thought is placed in its brain wetsuit and starts to swim in an ocean of worry How it dives in there is either through a random comment or a text Sometimes an email does the trick and is the platform from which to spring Basically, information is exchanged with one party delivering the words […]

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I’m Worth It

From like to love we have to declutter our heart of the ‘ik’ factor Finding the ‘ov’ to replace it is never easy I’ve not been very lucky in that respect I’m one of those people who is loved well but not liked much Consistently Notwithstanding, once people have affection in their heart for me […]

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What The Funk?

The funk. It is a place where you enter and can’t seem to find an exit. You need to break through the wall. You need to create the passageway toward out. Don’t allow the comfort of silence lead you down this path of loss. Fight. Argue. Bicker. Validate your points even if you are wrong. […]

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Then And Now

I was but a kid when you walked through fire for me and mine I remember the fire Embers of judgement Sparks of misunderstanding Flames of discord I remember your trek You didn’t hesitate no matter the obstacle We were on the other side and you would get through The unsung heroes of our story […]

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La Crema

She flows. The glass takes her in and changes the hue of clear that defines it. In another world this is but the product of too many grapes finding fusion. Today it is the lemonade made by the lemons life has dealt you and it tastes sweet. It goes down smooth, soothing the soul while […]

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