Then And Now

I was but a kid when you walked through fire for me and mine I remember the fire Embers of judgement Sparks of misunderstanding Flames of discord I remember your trek You didn’t hesitate no matter the obstacle We were on the other side and you would get through The unsung heroes of our story […]

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La Crema

She flows. The glass takes her in and changes the hue of clear that defines it. In another world this is but the product of too many grapes finding fusion. Today it is the lemonade made by the lemons life has dealt you and it tastes sweet. It goes down smooth, soothing the soul while […]

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Running Toward Home

He hit it out of the park. His competitive nature propelling him to get better at each turn, with each swing and with each game. The pride from the stands is unconditional. It takes its own seat. Applause, cheers and accolades running rampant as victory is his. He deserves it. It is his karma for […]

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The Boxer

That punch to the gut comes quickly and without warning. It leaves you breathless. It renders you immobile. It leaves you wondering how you could just stand there and not see it coming. You prepare for the moment. You train. You make yourself stronger. You know these things will happen. It has happened before. It […]

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His Not No

No. Harsh word. There is a finality to it that is difficult to process. God’s No is harsher still. It comes from a divine place with a definitive anchor to reality. It’s a parental, unfair decision. No and why and why and no and prayer. Response and question and question and response that God doesn’t […]

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Brave New Rented World

It was dark in the auditorium. A little candlelight might have been nice in order to find our seats. I took my niece to see a production of Rent last night at one of our local High Schools. When I first saw Rent in New York it appeared to tackle themes that I never thought […]

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I’m A Survivor

Somewhere between the red in my glass and the glowing red being before me I find inspiration to write again. I’ve been quiet since our lives were disrupted on that painfully red Valentine’s Day and I had not felt like writing. Too many lives lost, needlessly. It played like a loop in my head. Red […]

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