Where It Was Once Left

Off… We just leave it anywhere Lying around, unattended Gathering the dust and debris of memories in a corner Sitting patiently it waits to be reclaimed No judgement exists in the wait No reproach is shared with the masses It sits Not complaining Being alone, a solitary figure in a history of happenings Quiet silence […]

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About You

I hate being tentative Stopping and standing waiting for some other shoe to drop Having that feeling that change is coming Feels not too good, feels not too secure I like peace and the pieces that fit together to draw a complete picture I don’t do vague well Everything today is so I centric for […]

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First Half

Welcome July. First half has been left in the wind and the future, summer, fall and early winter await. This is what we do. We watch time pass and put notches of age on our minds and body. First halves are also important though. They represent beginnings, starts and the resurgence of hopes and dreams. […]

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Human And Cuban

There is something to be said about finding common ground Sometimes common ground is as simple as our native soil… …our common language …our ways and customs …our people… Recognizing the you of you in someone else is like holding a mirror that forces an instant bond It is inevitable how the grasp of commonality […]

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Food, Glorious Food

Tony invited me into his world and I took my remote valise and joined the journey He was one of a kind with a no crap attitude that showed the facing landscape who was king I was never brave when it came to food being a no sauce, no condiment, no additional stuff kind of […]

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MARGinAl RETurns

Here’s the answer to your query about where the dispensary of love places my emotions I love equally and forcefully and without restraint I claim what is mine without an ask and I don’t look for reciprocation or marginal returns (If you are going to give, give) As respects the children in my life, today […]

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Fwan Day In Your Life

I’m taking this reality in Fwan day at a time This is where it all starts for you The beginning and the end all in one Life taking you to not too distant geographies Nonetheless life taking you away How did we get here to this destination where cliché finds home? I’m speechless for the […]

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