On a day of love and friendship we shift our focus to broken hearts. Where sprays of flowers should be lining the path, we hear how yet another spray of bullets brings lives to an untimely demise. It angers and brings forth feelings that are indescribable. I fear for all my kids who walk the […]

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My Dance Of Goodbye

I am wailing in sorrow with a wide, guttural yell that falls into a raspy whisper as I hit the note of a tremulous crescendo. In my mind I am stomping my feet in protest to my exit from this welcoming Andalusian countryside. It’s not my first time on this side of the world, but […]

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Again And Again

I’m in Spain. I say that quite simply with all the emotion that comes with this statement. I love Spain. It is a love that I cannot rightfully explain nor do I quite truly understand. I’m not a history buff or a bar hopper, but in España I become both. Wine, coffee, tapas, monuments, tombs, […]

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I Sneeze

Standing under the tree I find shade It’s a remarkably warm Florida day on the tail end of January Immediately, the wind gusts and the humid air sprinkles me with its magic dust I sneeze I pause Is this the remnants of a never ending cold or am I about to be attacked by a […]

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Alas, So Must I

Early morning drive takes me back to old haunts Café con leche starts my morning as I forgo my usual black coffee No artificial sweetener for this concoction Time for real sugar, otherwise the nostalgia is simply not the same My Cuban toast arrives and I realize that this is enough bread to feed a […]

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The Colors Of Sunday Morning

From her vantage point I’ve often wondered how she sees my colors I’ve shown her every shade of my red from muted to vibrant She’s seen my darkest black, a hue where all light has been vigorously hidden She’s seen the yellows of despair and the yellows of childhood nostalgia She’s seen me in disguises […]

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