I Picture You Home

Upon the wings of infinite prayers you set flight toward a Kingdom you emphatically knew was waiting for you  Last breaths such as yours are difficult to forget because with its exhale you changed the scenery around us Colors went to black and white immediately until a grieving lady, hiding under the guise of a […]

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Prologue: Call Me K—

This is the prologue for a novella I’m writing. I’m going to test a few chapters here in the next few weeks. Its title is The Power Of Once My name is K—.   That is actually one of my nicknames from childhood, but it is the name my mother used to call me and […]

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The Power Of Once

Sometimes  I have to put the words on paper for the thought to find a home and reach its natural conclusion.  As a writer I have many open projects that go from infancy stage through maturity, some never seeing the light of day because they fizzle out in the realm of materialization.  Yesterday I was […]

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Day 186: Independence Day, Somewhat

Why I would choose today to write a post with this title is yet another great dichotomy in my expanse of my writer’s choices; after all, yesterday was July 4th and flags and fireworks were waving and blasting, respectively, across the land. Today is a different celebration, still of the liberation kind, but vastly different […]

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Day 166: Lady In Red

Red It is the sanguine color of life It makes a statement before speaking It is loud, defiant, honest and bold It is heartfelt Many feel it should not be present at the most solemn of occasions I disagree Red can attend any function A birth A party A wedding Even a funeral As long […]

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Day 165: Going My Way

So this long and arduous chapter of your life and death finally came to a close yesterday as we said our final farewells and delivered you to your final, physical resting place. You were graced with a goodbye befitting someone of more notoriety and stature than that which you ever enjoyed in this world, and […]

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Day 163: The Champ

She’s out of sorts The hands shake The eyes look aimlessly around the room Looking for what or for whom Digesting this surreal moment Swallowing its bitter-tasting reality A little distracted and despondent with what will certainly be permanent melancholy The cycle of life has been altered, with sequences taken out of sort Her first-born […]

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